LeV: Getting to the Heart of Jewish Education

The Need

The Jewish Community is constantly transforming: demographics shift, technology is ever-present and ever-changing, and the word “community” has new and multiple meanings. These changes demand that we innovate so that the organizations and institutions we have built continue to be meaningful and relevant. Jewish Learning Venture is leading the effort in Greater Philadelphia and across the nation to act on this imperative.

The Solution: LeV

LeV is a two-year project that will transform Jewish education for elementary school age children and their families.LeV means “heart” in Hebrew. Jewish Learning Venture believes that learning is at the heart of Jewish community. Our staff has studied our local demographics, talked with communal and national thought leaders, and reviewed literature in Jewish and general education. By so doing, we identified prime examples of innovation in Jewish learning and high-impact practices for affecting related change. It is time to change and to revitalize the narrative of part-time Jewish education in congregations and provide experiences in which whole families can learn, grow, and engage Jewishly.


The goal of LeV is to create learning experiences that connect learners and families:

  • to Judaism in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them;
  • to one another to support growth and expression of Jewish identity; and
  • to Jewish community to nurture robust, stimulating, and diverse expressions of Jewish living.


Jewish Learning Venture will serve as the incubator of new learning models by providing the expertise, personnel, and a majority of the funding needed to guide the development and implementation of major changes within congregational school settings. These new approaches to education will incorporate the following components:

  • experiential learning,
  • whole-family learning, and
  • home-based learning opportunities that incorporate technology as a tool for extending and expanding learning.

Sir Ken Robinson speaks about the need to revolutionize education.


The LeV Application and Readiness Assessment forms are available at LeV Application Materials


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